How Menthol Helps Relieve Pain

Generally considered safe, menthol lotions, creams, gels and sprays can provide temporary relief from strains, sprains, bruises, and minor arthritis pain. These pain-relieving products still need to be applied according to the packaging instructions or the advice of your healthcare provider. Topical pain relivers, like our products, helps your body quickly and in the exact spot you need it! Let's discuss Menthol and how it helps with our pain.

What is Menthol?

Menthol is a chemical that is naturally found in mint plants. It can also be created in a laboratory. Menthol can be used in many products and is powerful local anesthetic or form of pain relief.

How Does it Work?

MENTHOL produces a cold/cooling sensation, when applied to the skin through a topical treatment. This cooling sensation calms irritation and inflammation. Menthol alleviates that painful sensation and also has helpful pain-relieving properties when applied in the injured areas.

How to Use Topical Menthol Treatments.

When using any menthol product, you can start by applying it directly to a small area of skin and see how your skin reacts. Some might experience a burning sensation. If this happens, wash the skin with soap and water until you remove the product. It may be a good idea to then call your healthcare provider for more information.

Menthol vs. Ice

There are many studies about menthol products used to help reduce pain. Some have shown that using them can help reduce pain more effectively than ice on a targeted area. They are typically more gentle than ice and produce less skin irritation. If you are looking for our products try myDerm Pro Freeze and for more information on how to find our products, simple contact us on the form located here.

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